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Hello from Ubud

Since my sister joined this trip to Bali, we wanted to show her everything that we knew she would like. I have been in Bali three times, but havent visited other places, since Ubud is so sacred to me. So this trip was quite a bit different than the last two. We traveled all over, visited temples, caught waves in the ocean, basically ate our way thru Bali and had a great time.

My favorite spot is definitly Canggu. What a beautiful place! I am so grateful for seeing it myself. It has a charm and is so put together, and has a lot of great vegan food as well. It is a surfers paradise, and I could sit on the beach and gaze the surfers for hours if i could. There is a similarity between Canggu and Ubud. There is a focus on the calm environment, yoga and healthy foods that is so beautiful. It is more tourism, beaches and of course beachclubs that makes the difference. It felt so good to see something new, and get some vitamin sea ♥︎ Thank you Canggu, until next time

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Lunch for your soul


Hi loves

This is what love really looks like 💕 Taking care of yourself should be your number one priority! Look after yourself, consume living foods filled with energy, look at your plate, enjoy your foods, breathe deeply, practice self love, hug yourself, kiss your knees, smile in the mirror, truely look into your own eyes and se the magic shining back at you! It might feel weird in the beginning, but your thoughts will eventually shift, just give it some time.


A couple of days ago I went to Seminyak which is a bigger city here in Bali. I don´t particularly like the city itself, since it it to busy for me to handle with my fatigue right now, but it has some really grate cafes to visit whilst there. KYND community is such a cute spot, and their food is all plant based! And let me tell you, IT WAS SO GOOD!! The pumkin toast was the most amazing toast I have ever had! Skip the classic avo toast, this one I have to recreate as soon as I get home! I also had a beetroot latte that was so beautiful and beyond good as well, together with my daily dose of freshpressed juice.


Lots of love

Lotus pond

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Hi beautiful readers

In the spirit of valentines day, I wanted to share some pictures taken from the lotus pond here in Ubud. It is an entryway to a temple, and it is so stunning. I cannot believe how beautiful nature can be some times. It amazes me every day! And to top it all off, the balinese temples and gates have such gorgeous stone carving and golden paint. I hope your wednesday is filled with love and light ♥︎

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My story

My story

Happy valentines sweethearts

So today I wanted to shine some light on who I really am so you can get to know me a little better 🙂 I want the world to know that it is totally normal to not feel 100 % all the time, and I think we are way to hard on our self a lot of times. We need to love ourself more, and listen to what our body is telling us.

I have for some years experienced health issues, many that I can´t even describe with words. I have been a fair amount at the doctors office and hospital, but there seems like there is nothing they can do to help me with my struggles. I have been on medication, gotten immune to them, and prescribed new ones, and same story all over again. At one point I got sick of not feeling success with medication and i wanted to connect with my body to take back the control I had lost. I turned into veganism. Somehow I felt this huge relief that this would be the answer for me. I would finally heal. I only wish it would have been that easy. For many it seams like it is. I was stressed and gained weight and felt even more disconnected than ever. I have done so much research on my own to find the answers that i was searching for. The deeper i got into the world of veganism and healing, the more knowledge I got on holistic healing. There is no such thing as only healing the body by changing diet, if your mind is still all the same. The same stress, the same triggers, the same rituals. The body can be divided into two, the body itself and the mind. I had for over a year been eating vegan foods, but I was not at all getting the results I wanted. I was overeating, unconscious eating, stress eating… I never sat down to actually look at my plate, be mindful and enjoy what I had made. This I have learned now, and I noticed the difference immedietly.

My mind wanders a lot of times, and it is a big stress trigger for me. I am what you would call a highly sensitive being. I can feel the most hurtful pain, panic attacks, anxiety and feeling of depression, but at the same time I can feel the deepest love, light and gratitude. The way I have found to help balance my emotions is thru yoga and meditation. It helps me keep my mind still and at peace.

For the last six months I have been dealing with heavy fatigue. I had to quit everything I was doing, everything that I loved and had a passion for. I didn’t have energy to practise yoga, I fell asleep during meditation, I couldn’t and still can not read the books that i want, for months and months I could´t listen to music, and still now I can only listen to a little bit of yoga mantras/classical music and I don´t have energy to go see my friends. And I am back to where my mind wanders like crazy. I am back to stressing about my future and whats to come. Now more than ever I am more cautious of what I spend my energy on. I focus on natural remedies, natural skincare, cutting out more and more chemicals, eating organic produce and so on. To make the days go by I have found a huge passion for photography and creative writing. It might seem deep and at times dark, but that doesn’t mean it is. It feels so good to formulate feelings and thoughts into something that is so much more. That is also the reason that I started this website, so i have a space for me to share, and hopefully someone out there might need to hear these words and appreciates it. I have hope for the future, and I know that one day it will all be okay! Until then, I do what I can to help myself to be better and do better

Wishing you all the best

Love Sandra


Day trip to Tirta Gangga

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We went on a little daytrip around the island of Bali the other day and ended up at this stunning place called Tirta Gangga. There is something so mystical and completely different with this place, that I have never seen before. The culture and the way it is shown here is so intriguing to me. Everything is manmade and the sculpures out of stone are hand carved witch is so amazingly detailed! It was pouring rain while we were there, but I still loved every second of it

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Shirt, Bikbok     Skirt, nelly   Bag, Bali

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My favorite lunchspot

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Hi everyone, I hope you have had an amazing weekend!

If there is one thing I love more than anything, it is a good restaurant with good vibes and a lot of healthy and tasty food. It is not something I find many places, but I have to say, Bali is incredible at just that. The atmosphere and interior of my favorite cafes and restaurants in Bali are truly something special and very inspiering. The Seeds of Life has quickly become my favorite raw food restaurants, as the food is the tastiest I have had in a long time, and the fact that it is super good for you as well just makes it even better! The owner of The Seeds of Life, Ben, has used years and years to perfect his menu, and that is something that really shows!

seeds of life naga bowl-1I love coming there for lunch, as I did today. I had a green juice and a smoothie bowl that was so yummy. The colour of the pink dragonfruit is so gorgeous, and I dont mind me some pink food every now and again, haha 🙂 The savoury dishes are also really really good!

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Ubud market

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Hi loves

The last couple of days has been pretty relaxed and very much needed. We have spent time enjoying our favourite foods Ubud has to offer, which is so so good! It is amazing how good a simple salad can be, and it is overflowing with the best vegan food imaginable. I have spent some time by the pool, enjoying the wildlife around the hotel we are staying in, and taken a trip to the local market. It feels like coming to my second home, now that I know where everything is, yet there is still a lot more to discover. I am exited for the days to come ♥︎

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