About me

My name is Sandra and I am currently living in Oslo and I got a passion for everything related to a healthy lifestyle. I am currently on a healing journey. I am a big believer in holistic health and healing, and follow a lifestyle based on listening to your body.
I will like to share my biggest passions in life witch is a healthy plantbased lifestyle, and I will share some of my favorite vegan recipes with you. Photography is also something I love, so I will also share some glimps of my day to day life here as well.

I am just an ordinary girl with my own health problems, that I am currently fighting. I am a true believer in a platbased diet to heal my body, together with some spiritual practises to get a better understanding of mind and body all together.

I believe that the environment we are surrounded by today can be very toxic, with a high phase, a lot of stress and limitless lists of “to do´s”. Therefore my goal is to learn how to destress, reconnect, love and balance out my life, and hopefully i will help others on their own path too.

Much Love