Minutes of bliss

Every day I take time to myself  ♥︎  Time to stop thinking, stop worrying, stop thinking about every little thought our heads carry and process every minute of the day. Each day I practice gratitude, and find at least one thing or even a full list of things that make me happy. It is such a good practice to do, to actually notice the small things in your life that makes a big difference. Gratitude is not a new thing to this world, but it can be hard to remember to think about what makes you happy and what makes your day shine a bit brighter with a busy mind. When you practice gratitude you automatically shift your thought pattern from a negative to positive, so if you feel a little low, it is especially important to find something to be grateful for, even if it is just the smalles of things.

Yesterday me and my boyfriend went for a very short walk just around our neighbourhood, as that was what I had energy for. We came across this beautiful street with a completely different vibe than the concrete jungle you find in the heart of a big city. It is in these moments that gratitude really hits me. When I feel like i am in a new place, a calm place, with nature surroundings, flowers flourishing, giving away its sweet scent as the wind blows thru its petals and the sun shining so bright.

And how good is the smell of lilacs?! It is the best smelling flower I know! I am so happy I walked past so many lilac trees in full bloom! The kid inside of me ran over to the flowers to smell them all, haha ♥︎

I wish you all a great day ☼

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