Papaya passion


Hi guys

If there is one meal out of the the day I love the most, it has to be breakfast! The way you fuel yourself first thing in the morning has everything to say when it comes to how you are going to feel for the rest of that day. Therefore I find it crucial that I prepare foods that makes me feel my best, which oftentimes is fruits. Personally I feel the need to hydrate properly after a good night of sleep. I always start my day with a liter of hot ginger and lemon tea, followed by fresh pressed juice, and then I get to enjoy my breakfast for the day.

Lately I have craved papaya with passionfruit. The two combined is like heaven on earth! Papaya makes me feel satiated and is more filling than other fruits eaten just on their own. It makes me feel incredibly good!

There are many benefits of eating papaya. The more common benefits is that it works miracles for the skin, is loaded with antioxidants and is good for improving digestion. I usually eat it as a monomeal, meaning that I eat papaya, and papaya only as a meal. You can choose for yourself what fruits you like and eat it as a monomeal, and see how you feel. I personally love melons, pineapple, papaya, golden kiwi or berries as a monomeal, but feel free to find your favorite fruit, and make it your breakfast.  This is a great tip if you are struggling with your digestion. The less food combined in a meal, the easier it is for your gut to digest and absorb the nutrients.

I hope you are having a lovely day!


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