Follow your Bliss

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Good morning beautiful people

This trip to Bali is closing in, and theres only a couple more days to enjoy this place I feel  like calling home. I feel as though I need more time. More time to sit with myself, feel, search within, reconnect, relax my body and mind, seek for answers, or rather the questions itself. It stresses me to go back home. Back to this thing called reality. Whatever that might be. I know how much I heal in this environment, the warmth, nature, quality foods, yoga and meditation, massages and self care, surrounded by the kindness of others and likeminded people that all have their share of struggle and experience too. It hurts to have to leave it, I am not ready to leave just yet..

Every monday, the yoga shala I go to whilst here, The yoga barn arrange monday movie. It is such a good initiativ. For 10 years every other monday they show a movie, or rather a documentary to shine light on environmental changes, self growth and send out an important message. Since coming here I have been to 3 monday movies wich were all amazing. I have seen “He named me Malala”, “Chasing coral” and “Finding Joe”. All such beautiful documentarys with such an important message! Finding Joe was an eyeopener to me. It is all about self discovery, and there were no better time for me to see it than right now. It is amazing to experience that when I need guidance the most, I get these signs that answer many of my questions.

Follow you bliss

⋯ ∗ ⁘ ☆ ⁘ ∗ ⋯

Lots of love and light

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