Canggu love

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Hello from Ubud

Since my sister joined this trip to Bali, we wanted to show her everything that we knew she would like. I have been in Bali three times, but havent visited other places, since Ubud is so sacred to me. So this trip was quite a bit different than the last two. We traveled all over, visited temples, caught waves in the ocean, basically ate our way thru Bali and had a great time.

My favorite spot is definitly Canggu. What a beautiful place! I am so grateful for seeing it myself. It has a charm and is so put together, and has a lot of great vegan food as well. It is a surfers paradise, and I could sit on the beach and gaze the surfers for hours if i could. There is a similarity between Canggu and Ubud. There is a focus on the calm environment, yoga and healthy foods that is so beautiful. It is more tourism, beaches and of course beachclubs that makes the difference. It felt so good to see something new, and get some vitamin sea ♥︎ Thank you Canggu, until next time

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