Lunch for your soul


Hi loves

This is what love really looks like 💕 Taking care of yourself should be your number one priority! Look after yourself, consume living foods filled with energy, look at your plate, enjoy your foods, breathe deeply, practice self love, hug yourself, kiss your knees, smile in the mirror, truely look into your own eyes and se the magic shining back at you! It might feel weird in the beginning, but your thoughts will eventually shift, just give it some time.


A couple of days ago I went to Seminyak which is a bigger city here in Bali. I don´t particularly like the city itself, since it it to busy for me to handle with my fatigue right now, but it has some really grate cafes to visit whilst there. KYND community is such a cute spot, and their food is all plant based! And let me tell you, IT WAS SO GOOD!! The pumkin toast was the most amazing toast I have ever had! Skip the classic avo toast, this one I have to recreate as soon as I get home! I also had a beetroot latte that was so beautiful and beyond good as well, together with my daily dose of freshpressed juice.


Lots of love

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