Green goodness


Hi everyone

My health has become my number one priority the last six months. Being highly sensitive and dealing with heavy fatigue, I do everything that I can to get better, one day at the time. I enjoy energy rich foods that is good for me, short and long term. I have been obsessed with green juices lately. I have cravings for them now… who would have thought that was possible? 🙂 I love the feeling of drinking my fresh pressed homemade organic juices in the morning. It hydrates me, keeps me satisfied (for a while) and gives me a boost of crucial nutrition to repair and energize the cells. It doesn´t have to taste bad. That is totally up to yourself, how “green” you want your juices to be. When I first started juicing I made some horrible juices, some I couldn´t even finish because of the taste. Even tho it is a green juice, you can still add inn fruits of your choice to give the juice a good taste, and eventually you can build up a taste that can tolerate more veggies. To have the healthy effect you want, it is crucial that you enjoy it as well.

untitledFor my juicer I find that it doesn´t extract the juices from the pulp properly when it comes to leafy greens like kale and spinach, so I have found a better option to get out as much of the juices as possible. I start by juicing my other fruits and veggies, and add a little bit of the fresh juice into a blender together with my kale and spinach. I simply blend it on high in a high speed blender, and strain it thru a nutmilk bag, or use a very fine strainer. It takes a couple of minutes more to prepare compared to only using a juicer, but you get so much more out of your greens, so for me it works the best 🙂

For this juice I used;

1 apple, 1 lemon, 1/2 cucumber, 3 carrots, 4 stalks of celery, 4 leafs of kale, a big handful of spinach


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