Moments of bliss

⋯✧ ✼ ✧⋯Bali 2017 ⋯✧ ✼ ✧⋯


Bali -12Bali -2Bali -9Bali -6Bali -7Bali -11Bali -4Bali -10Bali -3Bali -8

I wanted to share some of my photos from Bali, since I have so many from my last trip and I love them so much! There is something so peaceful and beautiful about the atmosphere and the vibe that is so calming. The nature is pure magic, and I am so grateful for the beauty it shares. This place helps me to be centered and feel at peace within myself bought physically and mentally. Being aware of the small things we surround ourself with is what makes the big difference. To me, being a super sensitive soul, I often times take in more than I can handle, but sometimes we need to allow it for magic to happen.

I hope you´re having an amazing day

Lots of love ♥︎

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