Sunday thoughts

gul genser - ny favoritt FERDIG

Hi loves  ✼ 

I feel like the days melt together and time flies by so quickly. It scares me, but also gets me exited for the lighter and brighter days to come. I have dreams and hope for what the future will bring, and that keeps me on my toes. My health, wellbeing, self love, love of others and consciousness is a part of some of my dreams, and things I will attract more of. I feel a new sense of creativity streaming thru my veins, yet i don´t know how to fulfil the urge to create everything that i want just yet. It gives me butterflies to think about how such little things can mean so much. A tiny piece of hope is pure bliss to me at this state of my life. It´s like a seed that eventually flourish into a beautiful flower. I will pour love into every seed until I see it flourish and finally reaches it´s goal. It is not about how quickly you get there, but that you enjoy the process while it lasts.

gul genser - ny favoritt 4 FERDIG

These days everything I can do is take baby steps towards what i am dreaming about. Dealing with fatigue makes everything a little harder, but it is all about having faith in your own journey. Every day i make a conscious decision to recharge and refuel my body so that one day I will fully heal and be the best version i can possibly be of myself. What do you do on the daily to reach a higher state of happiness, and what do you do to make your dreams reality?


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Much love ♥

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