Summer in my backyard

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Happy wednesday

I hope you are all okay, and that the sun is shining as beautiful and bright for you as it has for me lately! I have tried to spend as much time as I can outside these last weeks. It has been incredibly beautiful, so there is no time to loose now, whilst it lasts!

I have had a pretty tough week with hospital visits, doctors office and figuring things out with my health and wellbeing. I have suffered from extreme fatigue for about a year, where the last  9 months has been pretty unbearable at times. It feels good to finally get some answers, so that I can start to focus on myself, and not stress too much about not knowing what will happen next. I got some sad news from my doctor, but I will eventually find my way, and I will focus on healing my body to get my life back.

I absolutely love photography and editing, so that is what I have wanted to work with lately to get my head off of everything that is happening in my life at the moment. When dealing with cronic fatigue it can be really hard to get out of home, so it is just perfect that my backyard is in full bloom right now. I absolutely love it!

Lots of love

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Minutes of bliss

Every day I take time to myself  ♥︎  Time to stop thinking, stop worrying, stop thinking about every little thought our heads carry and process every minute of the day. Each day I practice gratitude, and find at least one thing or even a full list of things that make me happy. It is such a good practice to do, to actually notice the small things in your life that makes a big difference. Gratitude is not a new thing to this world, but it can be hard to remember to think about what makes you happy and what makes your day shine a bit brighter with a busy mind. When you practice gratitude you automatically shift your thought pattern from a negative to positive, so if you feel a little low, it is especially important to find something to be grateful for, even if it is just the smalles of things.

Yesterday me and my boyfriend went for a very short walk just around our neighbourhood, as that was what I had energy for. We came across this beautiful street with a completely different vibe than the concrete jungle you find in the heart of a big city. It is in these moments that gratitude really hits me. When I feel like i am in a new place, a calm place, with nature surroundings, flowers flourishing, giving away its sweet scent as the wind blows thru its petals and the sun shining so bright.

And how good is the smell of lilacs?! It is the best smelling flower I know! I am so happy I walked past so many lilac trees in full bloom! The kid inside of me ran over to the flowers to smell them all, haha ♥︎

I wish you all a great day ☼

Acaibowl and warmer weather


Happy wednesday beautiful people ♥︎

I cannot believe how beautiful Oslo has been these last few days. I am forever thankful for the flowers and trees that are in full bloom, the blue skies and up to 28 degrees warm. It has felt so good! I am 100 % a summer girl, everything about it makes me so happy. I love to wear light dresses, walk barefoot and eat fresh and hydrating foods such as fruits and smoothies. As you may know already, I love a healthy lifestyle year around, but when I can start to enjoy my smoothies all day long and not freeze my face off, I am one happy girl! Haha!

I have been obsessed with acai smothies for many years. I think I had my very first acai smoothie back in 2011, and I am still having it regularly. As the weather has been warmer, I have had one every day as it cools me off, it is a yummy treat and it is a powerful superfood that is so good for the body. Acai alongside many other fruites and berries is packed full of antioxidants that is very benefitial for the immunesystem and the gut.

Personally I like to use acai puree for my smoothiebowls. I have been using the puree from Sambazon, as that is what I can get my hands on here. I have tested a couple of different recepies and my favorite has to be;

  • A big handfull of frozen pineapple
  • 2 packs of frozen acai puree
  • A dash of passionfruit juice to get the consistency you want. I find that I dont need much at all as I have a high speed blender and I like mine to be quite thick and frozen

Simply put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Top your acaibowl with wathever you like. I usually add hempseeds, cacao nibs and some times a sprinkle of maca powder, and some berries or cut up fruits that I have on hand.

You can enjoy this beautiful tropical icecream like treat for breakfast, lunch or even dinner if you want 🙂

Lots of love

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Papaya passion


Hi guys

If there is one meal out of the the day I love the most, it has to be breakfast! The way you fuel yourself first thing in the morning has everything to say when it comes to how you are going to feel for the rest of that day. Therefore I find it crucial that I prepare foods that makes me feel my best, which oftentimes is fruits. Personally I feel the need to hydrate properly after a good night of sleep. I always start my day with a liter of hot ginger and lemon tea, followed by fresh pressed juice, and then I get to enjoy my breakfast for the day.

Lately I have craved papaya with passionfruit. The two combined is like heaven on earth! Papaya makes me feel satiated and is more filling than other fruits eaten just on their own. It makes me feel incredibly good!

There are many benefits of eating papaya. The more common benefits is that it works miracles for the skin, is loaded with antioxidants and is good for improving digestion. I usually eat it as a monomeal, meaning that I eat papaya, and papaya only as a meal. You can choose for yourself what fruits you like and eat it as a monomeal, and see how you feel. I personally love melons, pineapple, papaya, golden kiwi or berries as a monomeal, but feel free to find your favorite fruit, and make it your breakfast.  This is a great tip if you are struggling with your digestion. The less food combined in a meal, the easier it is for your gut to digest and absorb the nutrients.

I hope you are having a lovely day!


Life happens

tegalalang bridge-1

Hi beautiful people

It has been a while since my last update here. Unfortunately I have not been feeling very well. My fatigue has taken its toll on me, and been completely draining. All I can do is give myself time, time to breathe deep, stretch and do everything that makes my body feel good, even tho at times that is hard enough to do for me. I have so many dreams and things I want to do in the future, and I am working towards making them my reality.

If there is one thing that can make me feel a little better, it is the sunshine. I am so grateful for the beautiful weather we have had the last couple days. I love the sunbeams peaking thru my window in the morning. It feel so so good. The only thing I want to get back into right now, is my morning sun salutations. I have such a deep love for yoga, and I absolutely have to get back into practising regularly. It makes my body feel amazing and buzzing of love, and it calms my mind like no other. Perfect for my healing journey

Lots of love

Natural skincare

Natural skincare-2Natural skincare-3

Hello beautiful human beings

Over the last months up to a year I have switched out a lot of my beauty products. I had no idea how much bad ingredients went into making what was my staple products for many years. I have gained so much knowledge on ingredients that are in what we use, and I find it so terrifying that so many of the products I used to apply on my skin had so many chemicals, many I cant even pronounce and let alone dont know what does to my body. So many products contains chemicals that can disturb you hormones, cause cancer cells to grow and simply not be good for your skin and body at all. So to be completely sure I am doing the best that I can, now that I am on my healing journey, I make a cautious choice on what I put into and onto my body.

Your skin is your biggest organ, so it sounds reasonably to treat it well, with natural products that actually does what it is supposed to do without any side effects

My go to skincare product is 100 % organic coconut oil. It is such an amazing product! I use it as a moisturizer for my body every day, and every once in a while i use it as a hair treatment. I leave the oil in the hair for a couple of hours or over night and rinse out. If you would like a different kind of scent to the oil, simply add inn a drop of essential oil of choice.

I also love my natural deodorant. Please skip deodorants containing aluminum. I have tried a handfull of different kinds, but I always come back to the ones I have from Schmidts. Personally I love the scent Bergamot & lime, it is so fresh. 

I find it hard to find good suncare products that I like, and that feels good on the skin. Many just sweat off or are too sticky to handle. I have been using Balibodys products for a couple of years, and I adore them. The watermelon oil smell so good! I love that their tanning/moisturizing oils and bb cream has spf too. And the glow you get using their BB cream is amazing! It has become a true staple in my makeup bag for a natural and dewy look.

Whenever I travel to a place where the sun is stronger, I need a higher spf when I know I will be out in the sun for a longer period of time. On these days I use my Thank me later spf 30 in Coconut and lavender. Smells so good! I love everything coconut and lavender!

In Bali, they have this natural wellness and beauty shop called Utama Spice, that is so beautiful. It is like going to a candystore, if you love everything wellness and beauty related. I tested their natural shampoo for the first time, and it is so good. The smell of the essential oil blend is amazing. I have also used their lip balm for a little over a year, and I love it.

Deodorant , Balibody SPF , BB cream ,  Thank me later SPF 30

Natural skincare-1

I hope you enjoyed and got some tips while reading

Lots of love

Follow your Bliss

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Good morning beautiful people

This trip to Bali is closing in, and theres only a couple more days to enjoy this place I feel  like calling home. I feel as though I need more time. More time to sit with myself, feel, search within, reconnect, relax my body and mind, seek for answers, or rather the questions itself. It stresses me to go back home. Back to this thing called reality. Whatever that might be. I know how much I heal in this environment, the warmth, nature, quality foods, yoga and meditation, massages and self care, surrounded by the kindness of others and likeminded people that all have their share of struggle and experience too. It hurts to have to leave it, I am not ready to leave just yet..

Every monday, the yoga shala I go to whilst here, The yoga barn arrange monday movie. It is such a good initiativ. For 10 years every other monday they show a movie, or rather a documentary to shine light on environmental changes, self growth and send out an important message. Since coming here I have been to 3 monday movies wich were all amazing. I have seen “He named me Malala”, “Chasing coral” and “Finding Joe”. All such beautiful documentarys with such an important message! Finding Joe was an eyeopener to me. It is all about self discovery, and there were no better time for me to see it than right now. It is amazing to experience that when I need guidance the most, I get these signs that answer many of my questions.

Follow you bliss

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Lots of love and light